Ordinary objects and daily life experiences inspire Hiroi to reveal unexpected stories. She transforms them, adds layers and places them in a context that gives them a new narrative and meaning. She combines reality –the things as they appear– with her imaginative constructions. The artworks show alternative perspectives on the relationship people have with objects and their surroundings. 
In her work she uses different materials and technique to express the stories. She often collaborates with other artists like photographers, writers and craftsman.
Please visit www.bigfieldman.com for about graphic design works.
Studio: C 22, Krelis Louwenstraat 1, 1055 KA Amsterdam   
Contact: kumi.hiroi[at]gmail.com

Kumi Hiroi
Born in 1979, Gifu, JP. Lives and works in Amsterdam, NL

2005-2008 BA Graphic Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2003 Orientation course, Central Saint Martins, UK
1999-2002 BA Economic, Saitama University, Saitama, JP

2019 Parel Silhouet, IMA Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2019 Parel Silhouet, Nagasaki Prefectural Museum, Nagasaki, JP
2019 Parel Silhouet, Nagasaki Holland Village, Nagasaki, JP
2018 Remodeling, State of Fashion, Master of Change, Arnhem, NL
2018 Remodeling, State of Fashion, B&BB, Berlin, DE
2017 Remodeling, Maison/ by Teruhiro Yanagihara, Osaka, JP
2017 Remodeling, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, NL
2013 Fernweh, Depot BG, Amsterdam, NL
2013 Fernweh, Dynamo Expo, Enschede, NL
2013 Kind of Scarf, Dutch Design Week 2013, Eindhoven, NL

2018 Parel Shilhouet, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Tokyo, Dutch Creative Industry Fund
2018 Remodeling Exhibition, Master of Change, Han Nefkins foundation, Prins Claus Fonds
2018 Ping-Pong, Dutch Litrature Foundation, Dutch Creative Industry Fund
2017 Remodeling Exhibition, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
2017 Remodeling