Veronica persica balloon

2023 –

Are there more stories about plants that have been erased from history? Hiroi wondered after reading Londa Schiebinger’s book Plants and Empires, which focus on the work of the natural scientist/painter Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717).

Hiroi researched about “Agnotology” and “plants”, leading her to the story of the “Veronica persica”, Grote ereprijs in Dutch, Ooinuno fuguri in Japanese, that concerns the study of genetic effects of radioactivity in plants after WW2. Researchers published a paper in Japan showing that the frequency of five-petalled flowers (usually four petals) of the "Veronica persica" was higher the closer to the hypocentre, but this paper was never passed abroad because it did not fit with the 'image of peace' by the USA.

She has been researching related to the topics such as Seed, Veronica Persica, Fu-Go balloon bomb and nuclear power/bomb to create art work.

Concept, Research and Development: Kumi Hiroi

Curator: Natalia Sudova Special thanks to Kaori Iida (Research Center for Integrative Evolutionary Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI)